Welcome to Ripa International!

An International Buddhist Community

The Ripa lineage is an authentic Nygingma Kagyu householder yogic lineage giving rare and precious Buddhist teachings to an international community, bringing them together in peace and harmony. Dedicated to the path of Enlightenment through the practice of wisdom and compassion, we bring forth excellence and virtue, through leading engaged, worthy lives. And, as a vibrant Dharma community, we gather together regularly and celebrate each others’ many national cultures.

“Shunning all evil, performing every good, purifying one’s own mind – this is the teaching of all Buddhas.”  –Shakyamuni Buddha

European Spring Tour 2015

Please click here for a quick view of Dungsey Lhuntrul Dechen Gyurmey’s European Spring Tour.

Ripa International Summer Retreat 2015

Please click here for a quick preview of this Summer’s Ripa International Retreat at the Ripa International Center (RIC) in Switzerland.

Ripa International Center (RIC) Regular and Ongoing Programs

Please click here to quickly view all Ripa International Center Regular Programming .

Summer Retreat Blog 2014

Please click here to read the blog of the 2014 summer retreat.