L1001864There are many Ripa programs that would benefit from support.No amount is too small or too large, any contribution generates merit and is not only greatly appreciated, but will have profound benefits for many others. A list of programs that all need sponsoring are as follows:

  1. The monastery in Tibet – Rigon Tashi Choeling (New Treasures, in reference to His Eminence’s Gongter or Revealed Gesar Terma) – Capital project – ongoing maintenance and repairs
  2. The monastery in Orissa – Rigon Thubten Mindrolling – Capital project – ongoing maintenance and repairs
  3. The monastery in Nepal – Rigon Tashi Choeling (New Treasures, in reference to His Eminence’s Gongter or Revealed Gesar Terma) – Capital project – ongoing maintenance and repairs
  4. Monk Sponsorship Program – for the monks in India, Nepal or Tibet
  5. Drupcho or Drupchen Sponsorship – His Eminence and the Ripa teachers perform several extended practices every year for the benefit of all beings, to avert: war, famine, disease and negative circumstances for all beings – if you would like to sponsor a particular Drupcho or Drupchen, please indicate which one and where the funds should be directed (tsok, tea breaks, offering substances, lama offerings, etc.)
  6. Child Sponsorship Program – education for Tibetan children in the refugee camps in Orissa
  7. Elders Sponsorship Program – sponsoring elder Tibetans in the local camps in Orissa who have no means of support (no surviving family)
  8. The Pure Water Project – sponsoring water projects in India
  9. Anti-Malaria Program – sponsoring of medications, bed nets, and other actions to prevent the spread of malaria in India
  10. Hospital Clinic – sponsoring the local refugee medical clinic and dentistry clinic.

There are currently two to three ways to contribute. The first is either by sending funds to accounts in Switzerland, where the Ripa International Center (RIC) is located – home to the ‘Mother Center’ for the lay Sangha.  Or one can pay online, using the Ripa Ladrang Foundation (United States) website and its online payment capabilities, please see RLF Website – Donate for more. For a larger donation, to fund capital projects such as the monasteries in Orissa, Nepal, or Tibet; to sponsor a Drupchen or Drupcho; or for Lama Sponsorship, it is possible to wire funds to Asia directly. Please send an email to info@ripa-international.org for the appropriate account number. PLEASE NOTE: Tax law applicability, and possible tax deduction benefits are per the laws of the country where a donation is made. The Ripa Ladrang donations, may be tax deductable, depending upon the type of donation. Currently Ripa International Center donations are not tax deductable. Eventually it may be possible to make online payments for RIC in the future (pending local legal authorization).

For a donation by wire to Switzerland, please send a SEPA or wire transfer, in either Swiss Francs (the first account listed), or in Euro (the second account listed), as you choose. To support the Ripa International Center, please click here: RIC Supporter Program . To support events at the RIC, please click here: Event Support at the RIC .

Thank you so much for your help!!

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