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A Great Journey and a Memorable Hayagriva Drupchö

June 2019, Buryatia, Season Two

One could say that this second trip to Buryatia took place under the auspices of Hayagriva. Nature displayed her wrathful aspects, we went through some”hayagrivesque” episodes, and we received rains of blessings … A beautiful and long RIPA adventure has been experienced there, that is for sure.

At the Moscow RIPA Center

Located in a lively and active university district, the RIPA center is a reflection of its environment: young, alive, brimming with energy, dynamism and life. RIPA students are at home, as are visitors who are warmly welcomed. Spread over four levels, the center has converted its basement into accommodations: a dormitory, kitchen, dining room, showers and toilets, everything is simple, well done, practical and pleasant. At this moment, about twenty monks from Nepal and Orissa live there for a while. They will leave soon with us for Buryatia. The slightly elevated ground floor leads to the small self-service and the large teaching and practice room. The first floor includes rooms rented to external speakers for consultations related to wellness and personal development, Tibetan medicine, etc. On the top floor, there is a large and beautiful Gompa … But one must comment on the remarkable entry: on each side of the small staircase, the visitor is greeted by a double row of photos of our teachers and events of the RIPA lineage throughout the world: inaugurations, international meetings, the RIPA family, snapshots of life in the monasteries of Orissa and Nepal, little monks…. This entry imbues us instantly with the atmosphere of our community around the world and the presence of our teachers there is palpable.

Photo slideshow captions 1
The RIPA logo in Russian on this large luminous mirror, the clear water that flows there sings like a spring … The monks look at the photos of the entrance … Information on Ripa Awerness Meditation and the activities of the center, the superb fresco of Gesar done by a renowned Bhutanese artist … The little self-service and one of its tasting tables … The monks’ corner … Who discover the markets of Moscow … And of course have participated in football matches with young Russians.

Fish blessed by Lhuntrul Rinpoche find life again

1,500 kgs of fish caught for sale and consumption were bought by RIPA students to save them from a certain death. Transported in containers on the banks of a large nautical center in Moscow, we participate in a ceremony for them under the inspiration of Lhuntrul Rinpoche, before releasing them. Some are unfortunately already dead because it must be said that they have just spent more than 24 hours in containers whose water capacity is insufficient to keep them all alive. However a large majority of them will be saved. And it is so moving to see these fish, some of which had become totally inert for some time, to resuscitate slowly. First a movement of the fins is barely perceptible, then, timidly their mouths “suck” the water, their source of life, and their body comes alive, finally, as they sink back into their natural element. During this return to life, we imagine them as having been already gone and dead, and with their revival they certainly appear a little lost, so that spontaneously tenderness emerges from the depths of our hearts, as we cannot but be touched by the suffering they have experienced. Supported and accompanied by the rituals of a Master, this practice – which goes back to the origins of Buddhism – opens the door for better reincarnations. By helping them to break free from their karma, fish will have every opportunity to reincarnate as humans in a future life.

Photo captions slide 2
Everyone surrounds Lhuntrul Rinpoche at the nautical center … One of the three containers of 500 kg each … Rinpoche blesses the fish … Everyone participates in launching the fish back into the water … Many of us do not hesitate to jump into the water … Others do it involuntarily! … Some handsome swimmers from the nautical center offered to participate … The monks are of course in the first line.

To Buryatia via Irkoustk

Irkutsk is the capital of the Eastern District of Siberia on the west coast of Lake Baikal. The duration of the flight from Moscow to Irkutsk will give you a little idea of the distance and extent of the territory of the Russian Federation, the trip lasts between five and a half or six and a half hours, depending on the flights. After a short walk in the city, we leave by bus to Buryatia and we stop at Arshan, in the west of this part of the country, after a seven hour drive. Arshan means “healing water” in Buryat, because of its famous hot springs; it is also known for its Datsan (gompa in Buryat), the former residence of a great lama who was one of the teachers of a previous Dalai Lama … It is here that Jigme Rinpoche and Lhuntrul Rinpoche will guide a practice of Medicine Buddha. The small temple is packed, and finding a place, even an uncomfortable one, is not easy. We depart early the next morning for a long day on the bus. Destination: Orlik, where the Hayagriva Drupchö will take place. On the way, Our Rinpoches are invited to lead a smoke offering practice. Many villagers arrive, and whole families come to be blessed. Then a final departure for Orlik, where we will arrive at about eight o’clock at night.

Photo captions slide 3

At the southern part of eastern Siberia, Buryatia is located on the east coast of Lake Baikal. Its borders are common with the district of Irkutsk and the small Buddhist republic of Tuva in the west, Mongolia in the south and the Chita region in the east … Embarking in Moscow for a night flight … Arshan, practice of Sangye Menla in the small Datsan … Blessings by our teachers … Photos at the end of the ceremony with some of the participants and the monks … The local people … Offering of smoke on the path of Orlik … And the queue to receive the blessings of Jigme Rinpoche.

Drupchö in Orlik

Imagine yourself in the middle of nature, in the middle of immense spaces, surrounded by hills and mountains. One can truly breathe, we feel our hearts open and our bodies expand; the Buryats explain to us that we are on pure land. The small gompa in the shape of a yurt, which was inaugurated three years ago, is too small to accommodate all the participants of the Drupchö; so, the friends of the Buryat community decided to install an adjoining large marquee, on the meadow. Built entirely by their own hands, they traveled miles to cut and bring back a few dozen tree trunks with which the frame was built and then covered with blue-green plastic. This is where we will spend our days, from 6:30 in the morning until the evening. We can say that this drupchö seemed to have a green theme: green meadows, green surrounding hills, our green restaurant in the middle of nowhere, (certainly a big army tent from the last war!), and the green reflections on our bodies when we are under the tent.

Photo captions slide 4
The beautiful gompa in the shape of a yurt … The Drupchö marquee… During the breaks, we recover from the time difference … We get the vertebrae back in place … Even the sacred daily dances are tinged with green … Our “green” restaurant … At table for the good dishes prepared by Victoria and Baatak … Jigme Rinpoche and Lhuntrul Rinpoche share our dinner one evening … 7:30, first break, we warm up with the fire that heats the water for the tea … Grand luxury: toasted bread over a wood fire, moreover, all the cooking is guaranteed to be by a wood fire, and we can tell! … Outdoor washbasins in the greenery … On the last day, the drupchö starts at 4am (we wake up at 3am!)… Those who read Russian or Tibetan follow the text by the light of their smartphone … Blessings at the end of Drupchö … The marquee is full. Outside, a small crowd waits in the rain before entering. According to the “experts,“ we are between 300 and 400 … Last night in the small Orlik restaurant.

We inaugurate the statue of Gesar of Ling

In 2016, during his first visit, Jigme Rinpoche announced his wish to place a statue of Gesar of Ling in a very special and particular place, in the middle of nature. Thanks to our offerings, one of the best artists in the country has created a beautiful 120 cm tall statue. After a few hours of an incredible journey filled with adventures, where our cars confronted the unleashed elements, we participate in a powerful inauguration, despite the rain and an icy glacial wind that makes life difficult for the indispensable fire for the smoke offering. But rain or not, Jigme Rinpoche and Lhuntrul Rinpoche bless the statue, and Ki-Ki-So-So’s fly to the sky, having first crossed a forest of umbrellas….

Photo captions slide 5
The statue of Gesar … Hard, hard to light the fire … The monks keep smiling … Offering smoke, rain, cold and wind, a mixture rather chilling, but our hearts are hot … Jigme Rinpoche opens the offering of smoke … Photo of the monastic family RIPA … Shamanic site on the way back.

All-powerful nature

The uninterrupted manifestation of natural elements is inherent in continental climates such as Buryatia. This time we were served! Cold, wind, rain, biblical storms … Almost all of our stay took place under the auspices of the unleashed elements. We settle down at 6:30 in the morning on the damp carpets of a tent naturally cooled by the night, cross the meadow turned into a marsh to get to meals, toilets, and we push our shoes through beautiful thick mud to enter our little Hotel; there were very interesting and almost daily experiences … Not to mention the rivers overflowing their banks that cut us off several times, and confronted us at times with little complications that added to our travel. The following photos will give you an overview of our daily life.

Photo captions slide 6
A new storm is preparing to break… On the way to the inauguration of the statue one of our cars sinks into the water that has submerged the road. The second is surrounded by water, impossible to leave … The good will recover tree trunks and all that will allow the bus to get out of its rut … The roads are submerged by the rising water … So much so that you have to climb a path to find the road where it is again drivable, that is far away … The monks have repatriated urgently in our small hotel because of the floods, they sleep and have lunch “at home.” We spend an unforeseen morning, amused, happy and animated to prepare their meal … Even though it is summer time there remains here and there large patches of ice. Some places never thaw.


Last stage of our adventure: Ulan-Udé, capital of Buryatia. The bus trip lasts … A dozen hours! The day after our arrival, Jigme Rinpoche is invited with Lhuntrul Rinpoche to inaugurate a small temple in the middle of nature half an hour from the city. We go there. The invitation comes from Danzan, a young Buriat Lama whose wish is to establish a temple for lay practitioners in the tradition of Nyingma yogis and especially the RIPA lineage. He had invited Jigme Rinpoche to come and bless the site three years ago. The beginning of the ceremony is marked by the arrival of two horsemen sporting the banner of Gesar of Ling. The sacred Tibetan dances are remarkably performed by the monks on a sloping ground, undulating, improbable and copiously sprinkled by fresh and massive showers. Then the day ends with a small concert of traditional Buryat music. Two young musicians of high level play on a distant cousin of the superb cello. As usual, the participants are numerous and the new wooden temple will not be able to contain all of them. Many will attend the ceremony from the outdoor terrace while looking through the windows.

Photo captions slideshow 7
Our Rinpoches welcomed by Lama Danzan … At the entrance to the small temple … The two riders bearing the banner of Gesar of Ling … The art of blessing his representation of Padmasambhava at a distance … We receive the blessings and we photograph … Offering of smoke … The festivities … Superb sacred dances … Buryat art ends the day …

Photo album

Stunning wooden houses of Irkutsk … Traditional Siberian house … XXL conch for the Drupchö … Outdoor cooking for the drupchö … Wooden kitchen next to the small temple inaugurated … And its annex where we boil the water … Sites of shamanic offerings reputedly loaded with a particular energy … The toilets on the road of the journey … How to protect oneself from the sun … And finally: the same big signs all over the planet.

Ripa Russia Events: May – June, 2015

Inauguration of Moscow Ripa Center

Inauguration of Monastery Urgen Sangak Choiling, Kalmykia

Teaching in Russia, Moscow

Dear Sangha,

Here we would like to share with you the main Ripa activities and news, which took place in Russia in May andJune, 2015 in a short way.

All the festive events in Moscow and Kalmykia are finished. As Jigme Rinpoche told during farewell tea with team: “Finally many of you will be able to sleep enough”. We were laughing. In general we were glad a lot during this visit of our Teachers and felt ourselves like real heros. Only five years ago, when Rinpoche shared with us his thought to create the Ripa Center in Moscow, this idea appeared to us as very crazy. Especially if you know the price of a square meter in Russian capital, say nothing of a detached house.

But through the blessing of Teachers, the power of our intention, and generous sponsors who helped, this idea come true!

On 30-31st of May, 2015 there was the official inauguration and blessing of Moscow Ripa Center by three precious Teachers – His Eminence Kyabje Terton Namkha Drimed Rabjam Rinpoche, Dungsey Gyetrul Jigme Rinpoche, Dungsey Lhuntrul Dechen Gyurme Rinpoche.

Our House, which is near the center of Moscow, was replanned and overhauled completely. It turns out very light and filled by love and blessing of Masters.


Our three Teachers were accommodated in 3 different big and cozy apartments. Every apartment was serviced by a separate Lamaseva team, every person of Lamaseva was trying to be unnoticeable, in order to help our Teachers to have a rest during this rich program.

The day before the inauguration of Moscow Ripa Center Jigme Rinpoche gave a public talk “What is the nature of mind?” The Lecture was free for all attendees, and the hall of 500 places was full.

There is a link to this free talk here:

In the morning of 30th of May our valiant drivers-volunteers drove all the precious Teachers with monks to the new Center. Here they were met with bread and salt in accordance with the ancient Russian tradition. Live stream was organized for all, who couldn’t join us this day, so all of them were with us anyway.


Ripa Russia Opening

Blessing of the three-floored building, where there are three big halls, a Gompa, decorated by professional painters, and a lot of rooms and back rooms, were held in a spiritual festive atmosphere.

11737025_10204830649070234_492173779_n (1)



Ripa teachers in RU_Opening

In the evening part, there was an auction with precious items, and a gala concert, where we found a lot of new and unexpected talents among our Sangha.





Some of the performances were really excited! The high spot of the party was Uriy Eremin with his breathtaking, unexpected, very active dance – down break. It was worth it to see! The energy of Uriy captured all of the guests and at the end of the sound track of his dance we found ourselves in dancing with Uriy all together! It was real pure energy and pleasure!

As we noticed, our Teachers got a pleasure to see it too.



On the next morning, the 31st of May, we organized a Doors Open Day. Anybody who wished to, could visit yoga classes, yoga-nidra with resonance bowls, yogatherapy, a breathing class, and a class of painting on the water (Ebru).


Doors Open day was really crowded and we were happy – so many people visited us this day. There were 85 people placed in a 55 meters Gompa, they were sitting shoulder to shoulder, in order to listen to the instructions of Jigme Rinpoche, and then tried to practice Shine under his guidance.


On this day it was possible to take Refuge and to have a blessing of children with His Eminence too.



This time there were a lot of parents with very small children. One woman joked: “In your Sangha, all get married very soon and give birth children, so this is a reason to get refuge from Namkha Drimed Rabjam Rinpoche, maybe I will have luck too”.

After opening the Center and the Saga Dawa celebration all the Teachers were going to Kalmykia for the inauguration of the newest monastery of the Ripa lineage – Urgen Sangak Choiling (the dwelling place of secret mantra).




It was a very big event, with a lot of people. Local citizens were very happy that their ancient culture revives now. Historically Kalmykia was a Buddhist region. During Soviet times all religions were surpressed, however now they revive again. The temple is located in Troickoye village, which is 11 km from Elista – the capital of the region.

This celebration was held in a touching, warm atmosphere, where people were crying with happiness. There is still a lot of work needed to finish the Temple, but now with such a great blessing which was bestowed by our Teachers, we are sure, it will be finished soon.

Dungsey Lhuntrul Dechen Gyurme Rinpoche was exalted to the throne. It was a really festive and unusual ceremony. After the ceremony we noticed miraculous signs in heavens: there was a rainbow around the sun!



On the 12th of June Jigme Rinpoche came back to Moscow and the Teaching started.



After the solitary retreat of Jigme Rinpoche, we found he changed not only outwardly, but that his speech became brighter, clearer and deeper. We were catching his every word and recorded his Teaching in our notebooks, dictaphones, and video. We suppose, we began to understand him better.

Here there are some of the quotes:

“Fear to lose the own importance gives birth to all forms of aggression.”

“If there is a clarity, there is no fear.”

“After “Hello” is always “Bye.” A lot of people have disbalance here” (about death).

“Motivation is the most important in the practice: why do we do it? Practice without right motivation has no sense. We make practice for all sentient beings, not for ourselves.”

“The more practices, the less ego.”

“In the present time there is passionate and tempting aggression, and this type is a more dangerous source of distraction. Now in the world there is such high level of aggression, but it is presented so beautiful! Even in the form of toothpaste. Now we have 40 and 50 kinds of toothpaste, they have different packing, different colors, all of them are so beautifully presented, but in fact all of them are the same. We are always under the pressure of it. And our level of anxiety rises always exactly due to the this passionate and tempting aggression.”

“People, who live in cities are always tired, exhausted, they are full of worry and fear. Why do we feel ourselves so tired and exhausted? Mostly it is because of psychological reasons. Usually the reason of this tiredness is not connected with hard work, tiredness from heavy work is very different. Tempting aggression. It forces you to feel that you will get something. And this is a secret that you think you will get something and in the same time you feel pain. In such situations it is very difficult to unite with our own center and to find our own common wisdom.”

“To wait from other they to be the same as we today – more calm and soft – this is the quickest way to lose this softness! The world will stay the same, illusive phenomenon will not disappear. In the same time their real nature will stay too”.



A new book of Jigme Rinpoche «Entering the path of sacredness. Healing the world we live in,” which was translated into Russian and published, became a great present for us! Thank you to Tatyana Kashirina for this great job!

Presentation of the book with autograph signing session took place in the Moscow Ripa Center.

Tatyana with GJR

And of course the Gesar Fire Puja attracted a lot of participants, who are interested in prosperity and improving the quality of life. A big tent was set up in the “Flaсon” area for a few hours. Uriy Eremin and his team are magicians!





And as a finish of this saturated 3-weeks program with all of us, who were involved in the organization of all these events, came a farewell tea with Jigme Rinpoche. The first which we wanted to do of course was to thank our Teachers for this unique possibility to get Teachings in our own Home in the heart of the restless and huge capital of Russia. Jigme Rinpoche thanked everyone, and we hugged and thanked each other for everyone brought into this process. And now we understood that initial intention which seemed so unreal for us at the beginning came true now. And this is a real blessing and power of our Masters, great fortune, and the big work of a coordinated team!

And now it is time of new achivements. To make our Ripa Center as a place of Energy, where people from all over huge Russia could come and find support, answers to their questions and internal peace. Let everyone could find the way to open his heart, to calm his mind and it will bring more happiness to his life!




We are always happy to see all of our international Sangha in Moscow Ripa Center! You are welcome!

Welcome to Moscow Ripa Center


Text was prepared by Milana Bogdanova

Additions by Nataliya Korolkova

Moscow Ripa Center – 2015