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Pending mind-to-mind communication …

May 2020 last special Covid blog

Practicing together online, RAM meditation, surprise teaching of Gyetrul Jigme Rinpoche from India, this confinement will have socialized communication by technology in our lineage, to our greatest satisfaction … And if, through our practices, might we finally communicate at a distance without technology?

Get out of confinement with the Buddhas who open the way to the light

Gyetrul Jigme Rinpoche speaks to us from India (*)

Thursday, May 7th, Rinpoche addresses us. And even if the transmission is sometimes difficult to hear, we are there, glued to our screens from all time zones. While he is speaking to us, happy and warm little messages parade from all over the world: Europe with Austria, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Spain, France (including Alsace !). The Russian Federation is manifested from everywhere, even from Siberia, Buryatia. America too, and finally Asia with Nepal, India and Bhutan, and even Australia. This unexpected meeting with Rinpoche is a real pleasure, the current passes (the barking of the dogs too!); we are all reboosted. The intensity of the meeting, brings a shock to the heart, this is really what emerges from all our telephone conversations from the end of the session. What does Rinpoche tell us? He reminds us of the inevitability of interdependence and impermanence: “The source, the root, the origin of this pandemic which is shaking us all at the moment, is the law of causation … Understanding this law, understanding the interdependence helps us to find a better, healthier, more balanced lifestyle, with a healthier body and a happy mind… Although this pandemic is a misfortune, it also gives us the great opportunity to understand in depth how much we are all interconnected and interdependent. ” Rinpoche also recalls the importance of developing kindness and compassion in ourselves: “We cannot prevent impermanence from bringing change, while if we develop a sense of understanding of kindness and compassion, we can go with the flow “…” Nothing more than kindness and compassion can heal us. We need it, at home, in the community, in society. And we also all need to have it in ourselves, deep down. ” What about the meaning of life? : “Ultimately, I think this impermanence is a wonderful teaching because it is a teaching that cannot be avoided. We have no choice, not facing impermanence is impossible. So how do you make sense of life in this impermanence? Not out of anger, not out of frustration, not by being overly stressed, but by understanding loving kindness, benevolent kindness, and compassion.

(*) read all of Rinpoche’s teaching by clicking on the following link (3 pp):

Gyetrul Jigme Rinpoche’s teaching on YouTube (~ 1 hr) :


RAM meditation special weekly meetings

Quickly set up after the start of confinement and guided by Geneviève, the meditation meetings of our lineage (Ripa Awerness Meditation) met with great success. They are followed by all countries, by Ripa students as well as by people from outside. And the echoes we hear from one another reflect well the atmosphere of these meetings: “it’s great to feel this very warm atmosphere” … “We are in a space where we feel so good” … “We truly feel how much we can confide in one another, that we can really naturally ask our questions without any reluctance ”…“ It’s as if we were together as a family, we feel really close to each other. ” There is a general feeling that the atmosphere is very cheerful, lively, while offering a commitment to a real work of in depth meditation with good concentration. And everyone confirms their happiness to find themselves, to take advantage of this confinement to maintain this need for contact and connection with one another.


In the Center: streaming, practice texts, gardening and maintenance

As you all know, the coronavirus crisis and the confinement it has imposed have been accompanied from the start by streaming practices that everyone can join in. We can therefore meet daily in the morning and in the evening, we can also practice together Sangye Menla – Medicine Buddha – every Saturday at 5 p.m. and Guru Rinpoche every Sunday at 5 p.m. The goal is first to practice together without any physical encounter between us, and to invite the possible arrival of our teachers on the spot. It is also about keeping alive the bond of the RIPA community between all those who wish it. The team of the Center is also considering the possibility of maintaining a regular practice by streaming the tsok days of Sangye Menla, Yeshe Tsogyal, Guru Rinpoche and Gesar of Ling. If this project comes to fruition, you will be informed when the time comes. Our permanent employees work in the garden, permaculture is being put in place seriously and a gardening weekend has recently been organized. They continue to keep the Center in very good condition: cleaning, protecting unoccupied beds against dust, and a thorough Spring cleaning and maintenance … Everything imaginable. When we are back, we will find a clean Center like a new penny. Very important, finally: the texts usually loaned during group practices have been sorted, reordered, improved … In all languages!


Your flowers from everywhere, and a surprise gift

The traditional exchange of lily of the valley flowers on May 1st, even if it dates back some time, has been the occasion for many exchanges of bouquets, here are some of them. And also these superb photos of our center in bloom, plus a surprise photo that arrives just from Malaga.


See you soon “at home.”

Dharma and practice in this time of confinement

April 2020

Physically isolated for several weeks now, our disrupted daily life invites us to practice intensively. The bond that unites us with our teachers is so powerful that it gives us an incredible strength to go through these troubled times well anchored to the path of Dharma.

Guru Rinpoche in crystal

Our more regular and sustained practices

Carried by the messages of our teachers and the lung initiations that His Eminence Namkha Drimed Rabjam Rinpoche transmitted to us in March from Nepal, we have definitely understood that this pandemic is a painful reminder to engage in practices for the benefit of all living beings, without exception. During the March transmission, H.E. Namkha Drimed Rabjam Rinpoche also reminds us “That there is none greater than Guru Rinpoche,” and he adds: “If one of his most famous manifestations is Guru Dorje Drollö, known for his powers against obstacles, in this practice he takes another form, that of Guru Drakpö, which is more appropriate [under the current circumstances] … If one is able to practice these saddhanas with faith and conviction, I trust that it will be very beneficial to you.”

Consequently, the online streaming of practices organized by our center in Switzerland are there to “ensure the follow-up” of Rinpoche’s message, to accompany us on the way, to support us, to encourage us and to bring us together. Many of you express your satisfaction and warmly thank the center for this initiative. One of us put it this way: “Even locked up, isolated each in his corner, we are not alone anymore, we are all together, and it is a great support.”

One of your beautiful personal home altars… We follow the streaming practices… In her garden, Martine offers Lingdrö dances… Rita immerses herself in the realization of a superb Tangka… Hélène, in great shape, sends us her smile and shares with us her good morale…

Isolation, a precious experience

The forced isolation from the national lockdowns were not necessarily well experienced at the start. Its suddenness and brutality surprised more than one and some experienced moments of sadness and even anxiety. Very quickly, however, the positive aspects emerged. Here is how some among you express it: “The confinement pushes us to practice … Through the streaming [of practices] we get back on the road together … We are carried by a force greater than ourselves … Practices with the center are very positive for me … This situation pushes us to refocus on the essentials … Finally, it is very positive, it is a beautiful offering that comes to us and carries us higher … Time no longer feels the same, it seems to be dilated, suspended, and despite that we don’t have time to get bored… Oddly we don’t feel any frustration, we don’t feel deprived of anything… We feel so close to each other…. ” Some dedicate their practices more specifically to the caregivers who have been transformed into real warriors to save lives, others work at opening the heart, doing long meditation sessions. But our shared experience is the awareness of impermanence, it is palpable, everyone experiences it in the depths of their being.

The surrounds of your practice sessions: Dharma cat, nice cat … Expulsion of the breaths of baby birds born right next to the altar of one of our friends … Exchange of gastronomic ideas … In France, even wines can become “Conscience!”… In Belgium, Rita has only the street to cross to buy her vegetables at the farm next to her little house … Pandemic exorcist standing in a garden near Sylvie’s house in the Paris region …

The center is still in action

On site, the onsite “dream team” continues its activities and the photos that follow are far from representing everything that is going on and being prepared. All the seminars having been canceled due to the lockdown in Switzerland, some of the external speakers have agreed to participate in reduced online programme via Landguet Ried Zoom platform, on a donation basis. It does not replace the originally planned in-person programme, but it helps maintain the contact with our audience. Realising the importance of the existence of such a center, external speakers and participants support it as best they can. Carlo takes care of the installation of a new statue of Buddha; on his new stone base, our little historic Buddha has been elevated; the benches are repainted; the shop is almost ready, Gabriella puts the finishing touches on the presentation and the storage of the objects she brought back from Nepal for us. We are expected. Definitely.

The new Buddha… Our little historic Buddha, present since 2012… Ursula and Carlo add a layer… Preview of the restocked shop…

Your postcards

A thousand thanks to you for all the photos you have sent and a thousand apologies for those you will not find in this blog. It was technically impossible to insert them in their entirety. The following is a reflection of the diversity of all that you have sent, you are full of ideas. You have given us an overview of the animals that accompany your practices, suggested your gastronomic ideas … Here you are offering us flowers from your gardens. And these last photos which open on the sky, towards the infinite, which seem to indicate to us the path on which our practices take us… What happiness! All of your postcards show how lively, imaginative, humorous and connected our RIPA community is. A real gift from the Dharma!

Your flowers … Your skies: From the Mediterranean to France … From Brussels … From Paris … From Vigo in Spain on the Atlantic coast … From Germany in the center where Katharina lives…

Thank you all for your participation and see you soon –

Exceptional Call for Donations COVID-19

As our centre is closed until further notice, you can support it during this time to prepare the return of our Teachers as well as yours! Your donations, even small ones, are welcome.


A big thank you in advance to all of you and see you soon!

At the RIC, work and life continue in a beautiful atmosphere

March 2020

Confined just as all other RIPA students, and half of the 7.8 billion inhabitants who inhabit our planet, our friends, permanent and voluntary, take care of our Center in Switzerland. Loyal to their job, they are actively preparing for our return.

Adapting and preparing for the future

No more outside groups, no more usual activities, no more weekend bookings by Tibetan or other groups …. The Center is confined and also forced to change its habits. Suddenly, our ship adapts. The work continues, efficient and sustained because the burden of the administrative part remains heavy: it is necessary to postpone the dates of the registered groups, cancel reservations, and create new options for the future… Begonia, Antje, and Helen spend most of their days in front of their computer and on the phone. As there is no longer any cash flow and reimbursements have to be made, the costs have been reduced to the strict minimum. All the more so as for our sangha, the cancellations of the coming of Lhuntrul Rinpoche then Jigme Rinpoche for which there were very many registrations also make a hole in the budget. Lluis, the cook, is on site but unemployed, he is nevertheless a great help. Carlo and Ursula, transformed into volunteers for some time, do a wonderful job accompanied by Theresa. Gabriela, Nadya and a few others gather  periodically to work in the garden. Obviously no more hugs, no more physical contact and we keep a respectful distance from one another …. But morale is good. During these troubled times the Sangha spirit has never been so present, so powerful, so supportive.








In the office – software, documents, listings, Begonia, Antje and Helen juggle with all the sources of information, without forgetting the little scribbled notes, the post-its and other “reminders” …. In the fields – In Switzerland the shops are also closed, including florists. Fortunately, Gabriela planted daffodils in the Fall. They find their most beautiful place on the altar in the offering bowl. And for the tsok, the first primroses picked up at the foot of the Gompa adorn the plates of the teachers…. In the center – there is now a bit more time to undertake some “chores”: ironing the mountains of Katas accumulated over the retreats… Preparation and classification of the texts loaned during the practices. They will be linked in all languages.… The center has finally been graced with beautiful orientation panels made entirely “by hand” with art and care thanks to Carlo and Ursula… Gabriela – unemployed – unpacks deliveries of purchases that she made just four weeks ago in Nepal for the center store.

The streaming of sadhana practices via face-book and the internet have been a great success –

The first experiment took place on March 21 and 22, and it continues (*). It is especially in troubled times like the one we are going through today that the teachings take on their full meaning and significance. And the terms in which Begonia tells us about life and practice at the center are confirmed by all your testimonies: “We are totally immersed in the experience of impermanence, solidarity, altruism, the openness of heart, of all that our Masters teach us and of the practices in which they engage us ”…“ Even if it will prove difficult from a financial point of view for the center, we don’t even think about it in the first degree , we are first concerned with finding the best solution for each individually, for our sangha as well as for all outside groups. It is as if personal interests are falling because we definitely understand that we’re all on the same boat. ” About the boat, Jigme Rinpoche, during his very first teaching in Europe in 1996/1997 told us about the role of the Teacher in Tibetan Buddhism. “The Teacher,” he explained to us, “is like the captain of a boat. On the starting shore, he gathers up all those who wish to leave for the great crossing. Throughout the journey, he will guide them through storms, hurricanes, reefs, shoals and dangers of all kinds. Once arrived on the sacred banks, everyone disembarks and the Teacher sets out again, alone on his boat, to welcome new travelers. ” Upset, many of us burst into tears. More than twenty years later, we are in the middle of a crossing, and not on a cruise ship! Our luck is that our teachers are very great captains. Coronavirus or not, they are there to help us round all the capes and among them, the Cape of Good Hope.









Preparation for sadhana practice and streaming – Ursula and Begonia place the throne of His Eminence Namkha Drimed Rabjam Rinpoche, Antje looks after the camera, each counts his or her accumulations. In all countries – in our gompa in Switzerland and also in Spain, France, Belgium, Great Britain, Russia, etc. More than fifty students followed this first weekend, without forgetting those who have practiced without logging in!

See you soon for the next practice and the next mini-blog!

(*) to follow the practices live, connect directly without any obligation to:



If you wish to support the center in these difficult times, you can do so by becoming Ripa Supporter or by making a one-off donation and using the bank account on this form: RSP_Form_EN



A Week of Ripa Meditation in Silence : Happiness!

Winter 2019-2020














“Our meditation” – Ripa Awerness Meditation (R.A.M) – is gradually unfolded to us over time by Rinpoche. Specific to our lineage, but deeply linked to the Buddhist tradition, it is beginning to become more well known here and there, and in particular, it opens the doors to inner transformation. An adventure without limits.

The intensity and depth of each moment

Like Padmashambhava in his time and the great masters of the past, Rinpoche opens and develops a path for us by having us start from where we are : from what we feel and experience. By guiding us, supporting us, leading us towards the deep exploration of our body, the awareness of our seat, our back, our head, our arms, our shoulders, then of our breathing, our steps, our walking, he is our constant support. His voice accompanies us with strength, gentleness and persuasion. Soothing also, it reassures us and helps us to drop our resistance, our hidden blockages, our internal tensions. In addition to the good four hours of daily meditation in his presence, we are encouraged to remain attentive in each moment, each movement of our body, each breath … The challenge is also to remain focused and open to what surrounds us, being also present to the slightest noise, to every smell, even subtle, even feeling our taste buds identifying the taste of each morsel of our meals, so that we intensely and deeply experience every second … In short, we are invited to stay present in all the gestures of daily life that are usually so automatic, these gestures which are performed a thousand and a thousand times without even thinking about them, while our spirit is often elsewhere … What an exercise!

In order to maintain this state beyond the meditation periods proper, we are invited to participate, with full awareness and with the greatest attention, in the daily maintenance of the Center so that it remains pleasant and in good condition for everyone’s comfort. Dishes for the three daily meals (we are one hundred and twenty!), cleaning and repair of the large dining room, cleaning of the common areas, sinks, showers, keeping of the shop, plant refreshment, maintenance of bouquets of flowers, etc… The request for attention, focus and mindfulness is permanent. Suffice it to say that as the retreat ends, the return to “normality” and speech is sometimes painful. Our nerves having been soothed for a while, find again this inevitable excitement and busy-ness of everyday life …. Very quickly, we plunge back into our great shared addiction: talking, talking, talking …. Which only goes to confirm that silence is so much better. As you already know, Rinpoche will soon go on a personal retreat, it is up to us to continue our meditative journey until his return.

In immersion… Lasting ten minutes for the first few days, meditation sessions ranges reach forty-five minutes at the end of the week, or even more… The joy of relaxing and finding yourself standing at the end of the morning and afternoon … Rinpoche plunges his hand into the “question box” filled with questions from the students. With obligatory silence, all questions are asked in writing.

The best way to sit … Each has its own cushion … Almost flat … Half-moon full of poetry … At altitude … Sloping but not too low … Or squarely in its cocoon…

The training of future instructors continues… Ripa Awerness Meditation working session with Rinpoche… With Lama Tenzin in our dear and beautiful gompa… Or at Yogom with Cynthia…

Photo album… Silent passage to the buffet… The retreat over, the dining room is the first place of exchange… The bouquets are pampered daily… Cleaning is done with a smile… No snow this year, but majestic plants in the frost … And our center is always superb whatever the weather…

Unless something unforeseen occurs, Rinpoche will give a final teaching in May in Switzerland before entering personal retreat. The dates are not yet known, so it is best to be attentive and register quickly, there will be a lot of people!

A Great Journey and a Memorable Hayagriva Drupchö

June 2019, Buryatia, Season Two

One could say that this second trip to Buryatia took place under the auspices of Hayagriva. Nature displayed her wrathful aspects, we went through some”hayagrivesque” episodes, and we received rains of blessings … A beautiful and long RIPA adventure has been experienced there, that is for sure.

At the Moscow RIPA Center

Located in a lively and active university district, the RIPA center is a reflection of its environment: young, alive, brimming with energy, dynamism and life. RIPA students are at home, as are visitors who are warmly welcomed. Spread over four levels, the center has converted its basement into accommodations: a dormitory, kitchen, dining room, showers and toilets, everything is simple, well done, practical and pleasant. At this moment, about twenty monks from Nepal and Orissa live there for a while. They will leave soon with us for Buryatia. The slightly elevated ground floor leads to the small self-service and the large teaching and practice room. The first floor includes rooms rented to external speakers for consultations related to wellness and personal development, Tibetan medicine, etc. On the top floor, there is a large and beautiful Gompa … But one must comment on the remarkable entry: on each side of the small staircase, the visitor is greeted by a double row of photos of our teachers and events of the RIPA lineage throughout the world: inaugurations, international meetings, the RIPA family, snapshots of life in the monasteries of Orissa and Nepal, little monks…. This entry imbues us instantly with the atmosphere of our community around the world and the presence of our teachers there is palpable.

Photo slideshow captions 1
The RIPA logo in Russian on this large luminous mirror, the clear water that flows there sings like a spring … The monks look at the photos of the entrance … Information on Ripa Awerness Meditation and the activities of the center, the superb fresco of Gesar done by a renowned Bhutanese artist … The little self-service and one of its tasting tables … The monks’ corner … Who discover the markets of Moscow … And of course have participated in football matches with young Russians.

Fish blessed by Lhuntrul Rinpoche find life again

1,500 kgs of fish caught for sale and consumption were bought by RIPA students to save them from a certain death. Transported in containers on the banks of a large nautical center in Moscow, we participate in a ceremony for them under the inspiration of Lhuntrul Rinpoche, before releasing them. Some are unfortunately already dead because it must be said that they have just spent more than 24 hours in containers whose water capacity is insufficient to keep them all alive. However a large majority of them will be saved. And it is so moving to see these fish, some of which had become totally inert for some time, to resuscitate slowly. First a movement of the fins is barely perceptible, then, timidly their mouths “suck” the water, their source of life, and their body comes alive, finally, as they sink back into their natural element. During this return to life, we imagine them as having been already gone and dead, and with their revival they certainly appear a little lost, so that spontaneously tenderness emerges from the depths of our hearts, as we cannot but be touched by the suffering they have experienced. Supported and accompanied by the rituals of a Master, this practice – which goes back to the origins of Buddhism – opens the door for better reincarnations. By helping them to break free from their karma, fish will have every opportunity to reincarnate as humans in a future life.

Photo captions slide 2
Everyone surrounds Lhuntrul Rinpoche at the nautical center … One of the three containers of 500 kg each … Rinpoche blesses the fish … Everyone participates in launching the fish back into the water … Many of us do not hesitate to jump into the water … Others do it involuntarily! … Some handsome swimmers from the nautical center offered to participate … The monks are of course in the first line.

To Buryatia via Irkoustk

Irkutsk is the capital of the Eastern District of Siberia on the west coast of Lake Baikal. The duration of the flight from Moscow to Irkutsk will give you a little idea of the distance and extent of the territory of the Russian Federation, the trip lasts between five and a half or six and a half hours, depending on the flights. After a short walk in the city, we leave by bus to Buryatia and we stop at Arshan, in the west of this part of the country, after a seven hour drive. Arshan means “healing water” in Buryat, because of its famous hot springs; it is also known for its Datsan (gompa in Buryat), the former residence of a great lama who was one of the teachers of a previous Dalai Lama … It is here that Jigme Rinpoche and Lhuntrul Rinpoche will guide a practice of Medicine Buddha. The small temple is packed, and finding a place, even an uncomfortable one, is not easy. We depart early the next morning for a long day on the bus. Destination: Orlik, where the Hayagriva Drupchö will take place. On the way, Our Rinpoches are invited to lead a smoke offering practice. Many villagers arrive, and whole families come to be blessed. Then a final departure for Orlik, where we will arrive at about eight o’clock at night.