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Volunteer for Ripa

  • As most Sangha know, we are organized internally by functional pillar. The pillars are: Lamaseva, Dharmaseva, Karmachakra, Finance, and Communications. We also have a need for Humanitarian volunteers and a Volunteer coordinator. Additionally, we always need help for events, either locally, or for international retreats. Please let us know if you are interested in helping us build the Ripa Community as follows:

  • RIC Team Openings

  • Currently the pillars are as follows: Lamaseva, Dharmaseva, Karmachakra, Finance, Communications. Help is needed especially for Finance, Fundraising, Saga Dawa, sound, and setting up for retreats. Please indicate your interest for joining a particular team, by naming your pillar choice below. If you are interested in a particular project, please indicate as described below, by describing it in the space provided below (number, activity).
    1. Lamaseva
    2. Dharmaseva
    3. Karmachakra
    4. Finance
    5. Communications
    6. Fundraising (part of Finance)
    7. Saga Dawa (part of Karmachakra)
    8. Sound (part of Karmachakra)
    9. Webstreaming team (part of Communications)
    10. Database coordinator for mailings (part of Communications)
    11. Sangha Engagement (coordinating with the RIC and the Padma Lings, coordinating with the website team for Padma Ling content, etc.) (part of Karmachakra, some Communications)
    12. Press and media liaison (part of Communications) – indicate country / languages:
    13. Publicity coordinator (ensuring that events are posted to Buddhist events sites, advertising in selected Buddhist communications, postering, etc.) (part of Communications)
    14. Copyrights coordinator (part of Communications)
    15. Setting up for retreats (part of Karmachakra)
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  • Special Project Volunteers: Translation

  • There is an urgent need for translators for various areas and projects: Dharmaseva translation / texts; website translation; newsletter translation; programs translation (Karmachakra / program brochures etc.); ad hoc requests. Please indicate your willingness to join a translation team. The more volunteers, the easier for everyone. You can circle a preferred translation area, or join a general translation pool.
  • Archives and Library

  • There is a need for a dedicated archivist to oversee the archives of the Ripa lineage. A position summary exists for what the responsibilities would entail. It is a position of considerable responsibility that will be greatly appreciated by the Ripa masters and the Sangha, however the individual should be willing to make a strong commitment to the role, and sign an agreement regarding safekeeping of the records. If you are interested to assist, please indicate by circling below
  • A longer term goal is to create a permanent library at the center (one or two years). Please indicate if you are interested in helping with the Library. The Librarian will work with the Archivist to make teachings available to the Sangha for listening while visiting the center, in addition to maintaining a lending library of books. A policy for how this will work will be published, but the two will work together on implementing it.
  • General Volunteer Help

  • Helping keep the Ripa International Center in good functioning order – keeping the grounds, helping with installation projects for the Four Gates, creating a natural pool of flowing water, the medicinal herb garden, and so on. Please write in below your special handyman, gardening, cleaning, or other unique talents that might help to keep the Center at its best. For example, one ongoing monthly event that is being considered is a monthly Smoke Puja Offering followed by tea, which could be a garden party in the warmer months, or lovely tea and cakes in the dining hall, after the event… if you would like to bake, prepare the tea or sweet rice, arrange fresh flowers for the tables, or help to find a way to publicize the event to bring in newcomers, let us know!! Another longer term goal is to create a museum. Medium term, we will have an online shop. Please indicate your interest in any of these projects by circling below.