gompaThe Ripa Moscow Center is a unique space of self-understanding and growth. And the main goal here is to give everyone a chance to reveal his or her best qualities and true potential. The Ripa Center is open to all who strives to bring more value, awareness, and happiness to their lives regardless of their age, beliefs and status.


The Ripa Lineage is closely related to the teaching about warrior King Gesar, a 10th century historical figure, who was capable of merging both high spiritual and social realization.
“The art of warriorship is about knowing strength, dignity, and the state of awakening, it is not a skill of waging war in the ordinary sense. It is an ability to see and build our own success in whatever we do. The Warrior reveals his or her true potential and inquisitively and joyously engages in the reality of today’s life. Looking deeply inside himself, or herself, the warrior opens his heart, reunites with his true beauty and comes to know himself through living his life. The warrior celebrates life, filling the world with light and goodness.” The Way of the Warrior


“The aim of social programs is to provide a person with certain tools and techniques that enable him or her to see oneself. With the help of these tools people will discover their own selves, will see the value of themselves and their lives. Thus, they would really be able to fulfill their purposes they came into this life for.” Jigme Rinpoche
Programs are aimed at synchronizing body and mind, developing peace, clarity, determination and right motivation.

Principal activity areas of the Ripa Moscow Center are as follows:
1. Traditional Buddhist Teachings
2. Regular practices of the Ripa Lineage
3. The Warrior’s Heart program that includes talks and practices of basic meditative skills for whoever might be interested. The program is based on the living wisdom of King Gesar’s tradition, an enlightened warrior of Tibet, and it helps to learn how to remain true to yourself in any life situation and about inner confidence, leadership, social responsibility, and an open view on life.
4. A wide range of programs for spiritual, emotional and physical growth, revealing one’s true potential and leadership skills. Center’s space is open to people of different walks of life, religions, and lifestyles who look for harmony and opportunities for self-growth.
5. Worldwide charitable projects initiated by the Ripa Masters and their disciples

Inauguration of the Ripa Moscow Center, May—June, 2015

Ripa teachers in RU_Opening