Ripa International serves as an umbrella organization to a variety of Ripa organizations located in a number of countries around the world. The organizations in Europe are known by the name Padma Ling – for example Padma Ling Germany (Deutschland), Padma Ling Spain (Espagne), or Padma Ling Paris. In the United States, Ripa is known as The Ripa Ladrang Foundation. In Russia, Ripa is known as Ripa Russia, and likewise for the Ukraine. While the different organizations may have different logos, all Ripa entities have the same aim, which is to cultivate Tibetan-Buddhist culture, and to preserve its ethical, religious, scientific and artistic traditions and heritage.



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The various Ripa entities organize both contemplative activities, such as meditation retreats, public talks, and pujas (or religious rituals combined with meditation), and more socially engaged activities, such as humanitarian programs and projects. For more information on the lay practice communities, please visit the page listed by country, or contact the organization via email under “Contact.”

More information about the organizational structure of the lay Sangha

From the perspective of an online presence, the countries are organized as having external links, internal to the Ripa International website ‘Sangha Pages,’ and simple contact information for groups in countries that are still forming. See the links to the right or:

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