The Ripa International Community coordinates and maintains programs in the areas of health, education, and cultural heritage in the Tibetan settlements of Jeerango, Orissa, India through targeted projects and activities.

In 1995, the Ripa International Community – through the European-based Padma Lings and the US-based Ripaladrang Foundation- established the Child Sponsorship Program, which today provides humanitarian and social help for some 200 children in families with low-income.

In 2002, the Ripa International Community launched the Monk Sponsorship Program. The monastic community plays a key role in preserving and upholding the rich cultural heritage of the Tibetan tradition in danger following foreign invasion. The program covers the needs of the monastic communities that currently uphold the Ripa lineage and tradition in Kham (Tibet), Pharphing (Nepal) and Orissa (India).

In the areas of health and sanitation, efforts are essentially geared towards ensuring good quality drinking water, fighting malaria and providing basic health care through different targeted projects, such as the Pure Water Project, launched in 1995 and the Health Care and Malaria Projects, launched in 2004.