Elders Sponsorship is a special project for supporting Senior Citizens within the Tibetan communities of Orissa, India. Due to unfortunate circumstances a number of elderly Tibetans are in a position of needing assistance. Many of these individuals are in their final years and are in need of medical help or sponsorship for basic necessities. Your contribution could help these individual in their final years of life.


Many of these elderly have no direct family alive. In some cases these individuals are widows or widowers so they truly have no one left to assist or take care of them in their final years. In other cases, they are desperately in need of medical support and due to their advanced age, have no means of raising money for even basic medicine. Similarly, in some cases, these elderly have been struck with illness and are in need of basic living expenses such as food and basic necessities.

If you would like to make an online donation, this can be done via the Ripa Ladrang website in the United States: Elders Sponsorship Project .