Health Care Project

Menlha Hospital

JG_Orissa_Hosp_017_17_lznMenlha Hospital, located in Camp No. 2, requires rehabilitation and the purchase of equipment to enable the completion of diagnostic tests and outpatient surgeries, as well as to be able to hospitalize the patients who require hospital treatment.

A Clinic to provide primary health care

The Tibetan settlement of Jeerango is located in a remote area of south eastern India. The closest full service hospital is located in Bhubanewshwar, the state capital, which is eight hours away by car.

Many treatable conditions, such  as malaria, typhoid fever, asthma, hepatitis B, gastritis, hypertension and diabetes as well as respiratory and skin disorders worsen due to the lack of access to primary health care facilities and practitioners in the settlement.

In 2004, the Ripa International Community, through the capable leadership of Padma Ling Spain, launched the Health Care Project. Its main objectives are to provide primary health care to the Tibetan refugee camps and the neighboring Indian population  through the establishment of a small clinic in camp n° 4. A sanitary worker has been employed on a permanent basis.

Since its inception, approximately 25 patients are regularly treated every day, which has resulted in a noticeable improvement of the settlement population’s well being. It also provides relief in case of accidents.

Support is needed on a regular basis to provide for the annual salary of the permanent staff (1 person), to buy medecines and to keep the clinic in good running conditions.


Fight Against Malaria Project

Malaria is the  most serious and common health problem affecting the population of the Jeerango settlement in Orissa. The region accounts for the largest number of malaria patients (25%) and deaths (45%) in India. Over 80% of malaria cases are caused by P.Falciparium in this area. The WHO recommends the ACT (Artemisinin Combination Therapy), an expensive medicine by local standards.

In 2004, the Ripa International Community – through the skillful leadership of Padma Ling Spain- launched the Fight against Malaria project in partnership with the local health officer. Its objective is to promote a comprehensive program for both the Tibetan refugee camps and neighboring local tribal villages within 10 km that includes promoting the widespread use of impregnated bed nets and the acquisition of early detection machines.

The program includes the following elements:

  1. Free supply of malaria treatment medicines to the poorest patients
  2. Free diagnosis and treatment / clinic stay for the poorest patients
  3. Free distribution of treated bed nets to both Tibetan and local Indian communities
  4. A public awareness program
  5. A program to support the screening of the doors and windows of all houses
  6. Programs to ensure the proper drainage of waste water (to decrease malarial breeding grounds)
  7. Collection and analysis of data on malaria on a yearly basis.

If you would like to make an online donation, this can be done via the Ripa Ladrang website in the United States: Malaria Prevention Fund .