Ripa Awareness Meditation (RAM) Weekly meditation sessions

Open Dates

Date and Time Details: Beginners group - every Tuesday at 19:30 from 23 April till 11 June 2019 Confirmed group - every Thursday at 19:30 - on going - New registration applies as of 25 April 2019

Location: The Ripa International Center (RIC)

Address: Hilfigweg 10,
CH – 3172 Niederwangen (Bern)

Program Contact: Begona.
Phone: Tel: 00.41 (0) 31/981 0377.

“Ripa Awareness Meditation” is a simple and effective method that helps stabilize the mind, using the Shamatha technique or calm-abiding meditation; once the mind has settled, the application of Vipassana meditation tools allows the practitioner to gain access to more subtle aspects of his mind, thus allowing him a true exploration of the nature of phenomena and reality.

The method was conceived by the master of Tibetan Buddhism, Gyetrul Jigme Rinpoche to benefit his students around the world.

A new cycle of practice for beginners will open this year:

Beginners: RAM-Shamata 8-week cycle

This 8-week cycle on Shamata meditation aims at familiarizing participants with the meditation technique of Shamata, or calm-abiding meditation, a traditional Buddhist method that uses the breath as a support to calm the mind.

The practice of this type of meditation results in a more calm, focused, and stable mind.

It is an ideal practice for those wishing to discover meditation for the first time.

No previous meditation experience needed

Every Tuesday from 19:30 to 21:00, from 23 April to 11 June

Fee for the 8-week programme: 240 CHF

Info & registration:

The current advanced group guided by Amrit Wagner will continue every Thursday


RAM-(Shamata/Vipassana) 8-week cycle

This 8-week cycle on Shamata/Vipassana meditation aims to help participants deepen their meditation practice. Participants are guided through a methodic and progressive approach of exploration of the mind, following the traditional Buddhist Sutra of – The Four Foundations of Mindfulness.

It is addressed to participants with previous meditation experience.

Every Thursday from 19:30 to 21:00 , from 25 April to 13 June

Fee for the 8-week programme: 240 CHF

Info & registration:

The Importance of Meditation: “The only way to know mind and to attain wisdom is through meditation. In repose, in space, in silent time, answers can come. Wisdom and insight wash away problems. Transformation occurs in stillness. Through the practice of mindfulness, the elementary harmony that creates wind horse – the Tibetan expression for positive energy – is created. Relaxation will then translate into everyday life and bring benefits. Internal change will bring external change. When we are clear and equipped with insight, we are in a place to help others. It is by developing wisdom and compassion that we are able to be of the greatest assistance to others…. compassion heals.” – Gyetrul Jigme Rinpoche