Sound Yoga

April 6 - 7, 2019

Date and Time Details: 6- 7 April, 2019

Location: The Ripa International Center (RIC)

Address: Hilfigweg 10,
CH – 3172 Niederwangen (Bern)

Program Contact: Begona.
Phone: 00 41 (0) 31 981 0377.

Primordial sounds, mantras, sacred harmonies and songs of Tibetan monks, therapeutic sounds of shamans … practiced since the dawn of time, for their virtues or for their power, these sacred sounds have the ability to spark spiritual awakening.

With Mahaut Aeschlimann

A qualified art therapist, recognized by the ASCA, she has been a yoga practitioner for twenty years. She integrates in her work techniques of physical presence (Hatha Yoga, Energy Yoga, Healing Tao, Qi Gong, intuitive movement …) and the use of breath and sounds through various approaches such as spontaneous singing, Indian devotional singing (Bhajan, Mantras) and Yoga of Sound.

Disciple of the Vietnamese master Thich Nhat Hanh, meditation and mindfulness are at the center of her approach.

Normal : 150 CHF / 140 Euros 

Reduced*: 120 CHF / 110 Euros

(*students, seniors, unemployed or members of Ripa and Padma Ling)