Saturday 21 may at 3pm

Ripa International Center/ Landguet Ried

We are delighted to present you the public screening of the film “The Altruism Revolution“ with the exceptional presence of the film maker, Sylvie Gilman and meditation expert, Diego Hangartner, founder of the meditation programme: The Wheels of Mental Balance (

Generations of philosophers have written about „Man being a wolf to man“ and the history of the world seems to illustrate this implacable law. Yet an increasing number of voices are questioning this vision of human nature. Scientists from a variety of disciplines, such as psychology, primatology, mathematics or neurosciences are inventing a new vocabulary where altruism and cooperation are the key words. And researchers take a step further to say: „if altruism exists, it can be cultivated“. At times of global challenges, when radical change is needed more than ever before, we reflect on the true nature of man – angel or demon?- and we reflect on the tools that will best serve to effect change.

The Ripa International Center in Landguet Ried is a center devoted to mindful living that aims at providing visitors with an open platform to learn, experience and share the authentic ancient wisdom of Eastern spiritual traditions so that they can develop the inner qualities of wisdom and compassion and become a vector of positive change in the world.


–  Raise awareness among education professionals and institutions about the positive impact of incorporating contemplative practices in education systems as a way to reduce conflict, improve communication, regulate emotions and improve concentration and focus.
–  Present concrete ways of how this can be done and achieved in current education systems.


–  Introductory talk by Diego Hangartner
–  Public screening at the Domain of Landguet Ried in presence of the film makers
–  Questions and answers

Price:  20 CHF

Sylvie_picSylvie Gilman is a journalist and a director of documentary films. After having explored inmigration, poverty and justice through her initial films, she decided to refocus her work on health and environmental related issues. In collaboration with her partner, Thierry De Lestrade, she has made various documentary films for Arte in which societal issues are approached through the lense of science. For example, « Mâles en péril » (Males in danger ) or « Le Jeûne thérapeutique » (Therapeuthic fasting) that proposes a therapeutical option to drugs for certain conditions. Through their last film « The Altruism Revolution ? », against prevailing winds, they show how altruism is an integral part of evolutionary history and explore the best way to cultivate it.

09_hangartnerDiego Hangartner completed his studies in pharmacology at the Federal Institute of Technology, (ETH Zurich), specializing in psychopharmacology and addiction. Following his work with an aid project in Nepal, he lived in Dharamsala, India, for 11 years, learned Tibetan, and studied for 7 years at the Institute of Buddhist Dialectics in the Tibetan language. He has completed several silent, meditation retreats of several months, worked as an interpreter, translating Tibetan into many languages, and published several books. On returning to Europe in 2003, he taught widely,organized large events with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, such as the visits of H.H. to Switzerland (2005) and Hamburg (2007), and participated in research aimed at exploring the benefits of meditation as a long-term practitioner. He has worked for the Mind and Life Institute since the 1990s, as the Mind and Life COO from 2008 – 2012 in the USA, as co-founder of Mind and Life Europe, and as its director until 2014. In 2015, he decided to concentrate on his main passion of teaching content and tools that build mental balance. He founded the “Institute of Secular Ethics and Mental Balance” (ISEMB), an interdisciplinary initiative, to develop and provide tools and programs that foster mental balance.

This programme is part of the festive week-end at the Ripa International Center / Landguet Ried on May 21/22.    => SEE THE PROGRAMME

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