Dear Dharma friends:

During Gyetrul Jigme Rinpoche’s Spanish tour this autumn, he encouraged us to keep on building and improving upon the blog on Ngöndro or “The Preliminaries”:

The Ngöndro blog began with the idea of creating a Sangha forum through which the Sangha could share experiences, doubts, questions, and any difficulties in the different Ngöndro accumulations’ sections.

In addition, the blog could more skillfully spread the teachings given by Gyetrul Jigme Rinpoche about the Ngöndro practice, so that those teachings could serve the students and be useful  to them, and so that they could improve and deepen their comprehension of this Dharma practice.

We have divided the blog into several sections where we developed the teachings on the different accumulations, as well as information about the lineage, the Lamas, the Sangha, and questions and commentaries.

The blog is restricted to the Sangha members that show an interest in participating in it. The blog will support and help, through the ability to use commentary (or the chat function, or question and answer function), those Sangha that are located more remotely from those Sangha that are able to practice together as a Sangha group.

The blog is set up in the Spanish language; however, on the main page is a Google translator, which you can use to select your preferred language.

You can participate in the blog by sending an email to:

Best wishes and good and warm practice!

— Angela