Jigme Rinpoche

The Three Kayas prayer, in all languages:

3 kaya, en,fr,sp 02 08 15

and Russian.

Sangye Menla

Medicine Buddha practice, in EN:

050 Sangye Menla daily practice-ven-Ric PL-0114

Medicine Buddha practice, in FR:

051 Sangye Menla daily practice-vfr-Ric PL-0515

Medicine Buddha practice, in ES:

Sangye Menla daily practice-vsp-Ric-0515

 Medicine Buddha practice, in RU:



Prayer to Remove Obstacles, in all languages:

Dusoum Sangye, en,fr,sp 02 08 15

and also Russian .

 Dorje Drolo









Brief prayer to Dorje Drollö, in all languages:

Dorje Drolo, en,fr,sp 02 08 15 053

and also in Russian .