Khenpo Pema Thempal and the First Series of Sutrayana Teachingssutrayana

Jigme Lingpa’s Yonten Dzod or Treasury of Precious Qualities

Meaning of the title ‘Treasury of precious qualities’:

JigmeLingpa-1Qualities are sacred and valuable as precious gems. There are worldly and non-worldly qualities. As for the worldly qualities it is to be a good being, knowing what to adopt and to reject with regards to the law of cause and effect, and knowing that without harming others, how to benefit oneself. As for the non-worldly qualities, it is to know that samsara is of the nature of suffering, wishing to be liberated from it, to know all the methods leading to liberation as well as striving for the benefit of other beings by means of many methods to liberate them also.

The qualities of the state of arhat, bodhisattva and buddhahood are all included here as a treasure.

In the Treasury of Precious Qualities, there are 13 chapters, the first nine are about sutra and the last four are about tantra.

The nine chapters on sutra show the gradual path of the three kinds of beings, of lesser, medium and higher capacity.

In the first chapter it is taught that this human body which allows us to practice the dharma is considered to be sacred and very valuable, and difficult to find again. Reflecting on that, not to waste it, to accomplish one’s own benefit and others benefit, and the need to make this life meaningful, is shown in this chapter.

In the second chapter it is described how, even if this precious human body is obtained, being of the nature of destruction, from now without distractions, excepting striving on the path, it is nevertheless inevitable that all are going to die. So is shown the nature of impermanence.

The first two chapters are a preliminary to train our mind, as an incentive to the main practice. As for the main practice, in accordance to the beings’ mind capacity, there are three paths.

A)     First by explaining what is to be adopted and to be rejected in accordance with the principle of the law of cause and effect, if this is practiced according to what is explained in this text, this is the practice of the beings of lower capacity. The result of that practice is to know what is beneficial and harmful, good and bad, an honest mind, and finally the state of higher realms of humans and gods will be obtained.

B)      By means of engaging and not engaging in the four noble truths the path of the beings of medium capacity is taught. If this path is practiced, the result will be in this life peace and happiness, and finally the state of arhat.

C)      For the beings of higher scope, the two aspects of the mind of enlightenment are described, and the methods of practice are taught. Temporarily one’s own peace and happiness will be obtained, as well as bringing that benefit and happiness to other beings also. The final result will be the state of buddhahood.

In accordance on what is the focus regarding the three kinds of result, by practicing on the corresponding path, liberation is obtained. So the paths of the three kinds of beings are completely included within this text.

— Khenpo Pema Thempal

Lama Tenzin, the Lama for Europe


Lama Tenzin is the European-wide lama and will be giving instructions on various topics such as:

  • Shine MeditationPechas
  • The Student / Teacher Relationship
  • Individual Guidance and Instruction
  • Chupin Study
  • Practice Guidance: Hand Mudras, Melodies
  • Instruments for Drupchos

He will also work with the Shepherds Program, for those older students assisting newer students at the local Padma Ling / Ripa organizations.