Below is some of the feedback of participants of the Shiné-weekend during November 2014 :

“Practicing Shine is always of great benefit. It would be good to propose these weekends regularly – every 3 months, for example.”

“The weekend in Shiné -meditation has transformed my being., I can say : it has changed my life. I will come back.”

“This course with Amrit suited me perfectly. I was offered to discover what will hopefully be my personal Mantra until my last breath: “you are the most beautiful person I’ve ever encountered”.”.

“This weekend of Shiné-meditation has transformed my being., I can say : it changed my life. I’ll come again.”

“Very diverse, with new materials, physical exercices and exchanges (with the other participants).”

“These three days were very intense. There were some great experiences which will serve me well in the future.”