Visit of Dungsey Lhuntrul Dechen Gyurmey Rinpoche

16th and 17th of May, in Freiburg

Linger in silence

Meditation from a Tibetan point of view and 

Introduction to Shiné Meditation

Rinpoche made his first visit to Freiburg; and, we had chosen as our topic Shiné meditation, a subject that is important for all of us and that is also more easily understood by new students.

On Saturday morning there was the opportunity to interview and have a personal conversation with Rinpoche.  Thus young people, as well as adult Sangha Members, and the Sangha Council, were able to meet with him; and, a newborn baby was welcomed into the Sangha with Rinpoche’s blessing.

In the afternoon an open-to-all Medicine Buddha Puja took place and we were very pleased that Rinpoche led it for us.

In the evening, the public lecture was held. Rinpoche explained to us the technical practice of Shiné meditation. He then spent over an hour to go through many questions on the topic of Shiné. We learned that time, practice, and patience in Shiné meditation are necessary in order to achieve real progress.  New visitors also posed numerous questions on Buddhism and the nature of the spirit. Thus we found an idea for a potential topic for a future presentation.

On Sunday there was a full-day seminar, where we further explored the theory and practice of Shiné meditation, and thus also deepened our meditation, together with Rinpoche. Teachings alternated with periods of common meditation.

During the lunch break the Sangha ate together with Rinpoche in an Indian restaurant that we reached on foot, downtown. Thus fortified, we returned in the afternoon, to continue to practice Shiné meditation, after which Rinpoche again allowed a lot of time for questions. At the end of the event we presented Rinpoche with a kata, and he blessed us.

We thank Rinpoche to have spent his precious time with us in Freiburg, and we hope to see Rinpoche again soon, and to welcome him again, in Freiburg.