On July 18th, 2015, we celebrated the eighteenth birthday of HH the Dalai Lama

Let the party begin …

Organized by the Tibetan community of Bern and its surroundings, this beautiful festival brought together over four hundred participants. A large, warm and festive event, it was extended by a “party” until morning.

The event that just took place here in our Center, can only confirm how Tibetans have a sense for celebration and reunion. Those who lived through the inauguration of the Ripa monasteries in Nepal and Orissa will remember this special atmosphere made of a succession of exceptional, convivial, moments, where everyone feels good, and connects with others. Also among Tibetans, being together, this obviously means to be amongst family and children. Even living in Switzerland for years, our friends have kept this strong sense of family, as well as of simplicity and spontaneity. Thus, the birthday of the Dalai Lama, also means that it is a celebration of families and children.


The access road to the temple is transformed into parking for prams … Before the ceremony, getting stronger with a bottle, a little water, a picnic … we start fresh … then getting dressed for the party .

After the show, a team is working in the kitchen to complete the dinner, the rest of the assembly settles under the trees, or relaxes with a walk. Children continue to play, run, scream and sing everywhere. Then the mealtime bell rings and a long, long queue runs, alongside the buildings. … It will take a while for the meal to be served, and to then settle on the grass.

A restless night –Towards 8/8.30 pm, the night owls come to the “disco ball” starting at 11pm … Needless to say that the center will stay busy all night. Getting a little shut eye is out of the question. The ball is a success!, and that then means … Children continue to play, run, sing, shout in the gardens, and hallways … Several groups settled around on the grass to talk, and to tell stories. Peels of laughter will be heard throughout the night, like the sound of fireworks, for much of the night. In the morning, the calm settles … but not for long. Around 7am, those who slept a few hours wake up to eat breakfast, prepare their bags and go home.

In a few days our summer retreat starts with this beautiful and festive energy, which will surely have left traces … You are warmly invited to attend this very special retreat that marks Gyetrul Jigme Rinpoche’s return to us.