Winter 2019-2020

“Our meditation” – Ripa Awerness Meditation (R.A.M) – is gradually unfolded to us over time by Rinpoche. Specific to our lineage, but deeply linked to the Buddhist tradition, it is beginning to become more well known here and there, and in particular, it opens the doors to inner transformation. An adventure without limits.

The intensity and depth of each moment

Like Padmashambhava in his time and the great masters of the past, Rinpoche opens and develops a path for us by having us start from where we are : from what we feel and experience. By guiding us, supporting us, leading us towards the deep exploration of our body, the awareness of our seat, our back, our head, our arms, our shoulders, then of our breathing, our steps, our walking, he is our constant support. His voice accompanies us with strength, gentleness and persuasion. Soothing also, it reassures us and helps us to drop our resistance, our hidden blockages, our internal tensions. In addition to the good four hours of daily meditation in his presence, we are encouraged to remain attentive in each moment, each movement of our body, each breath … The challenge is also to remain focused and open to what surrounds us, being also present to the slightest noise, to every smell, even subtle, even feeling our taste buds identifying the taste of each morsel of our meals, so that we intensely and deeply experience every second … In short, we are invited to stay present in all the gestures of daily life that are usually so automatic, these gestures which are performed a thousand and a thousand times without even thinking about them, while our spirit is often elsewhere … What an exercise!

In order to maintain this state beyond the meditation periods proper, we are invited to participate, with full awareness and with the greatest attention, in the daily maintenance of the Center so that it remains pleasant and in good condition for everyone’s comfort. Dishes for the three daily meals (we are one hundred and twenty!), cleaning and repair of the large dining room, cleaning of the common areas, sinks, showers, keeping of the shop, plant refreshment, maintenance of bouquets of flowers, etc… The request for attention, focus and mindfulness is permanent. Suffice it to say that as the retreat ends, the return to “normality” and speech is sometimes painful. Our nerves having been soothed for a while, find again this inevitable excitement and busy-ness of everyday life …. Very quickly, we plunge back into our great shared addiction: talking, talking, talking …. Which only goes to confirm that silence is so much better. As you already know, Rinpoche will soon go on a personal retreat, it is up to us to continue our meditative journey until his return.

In immersion… Lasting ten minutes for the first few days, meditation sessions ranges reach forty-five minutes at the end of the week, or even more… The joy of relaxing and finding yourself standing at the end of the morning and afternoon … Rinpoche plunges his hand into the “question box” filled with questions from the students. With obligatory silence, all questions are asked in writing

The best way to sit … Each has its own cushion … Almost flat … Half-moon full of poetry … At altitude … Sloping but not too low … Or squarely in its cocoon…

The training of future instructors continues… Ripa Awerness Meditation working session with Rinpoche… With Lama Tenzin in our dear and beautiful gompa… Or at Yogom with Cynthia…

Photo album… Silent passage to the buffet… The retreat over, the dining room is the first place of exchange… The bouquets are pampered daily… Cleaning is done with a smile… No snow this year, but majestic plants in the frost … And our center is always superb whatever the weather…

Unless something unforeseen occurs, Rinpoche will give a final teaching in May in Switzerland before entering personal retreat. The dates are not yet known, so it is best to be attentive and register quickly, there will be a lot of people!