Voluteering opportunities

Engage with us

Engage with us

The Ripa International Center depends as much as possible on the support and goodwill of volunteers to carry out its work and activities and accomplish its goals.

 Offering one’s time, work, creativity and expertise towards the work of a Buddhist teacher or center is an integral aspect of a Buddhist practitioner’s path. It is the foundation of all Dharma activity and can be found in all traditional Buddhist scriptures, as well as in the teachings and examples of many Buddhist teachers. The offering of one’s service is said to enhance:

  • The accumulation of merit and virtue
  • The development of one’s altruistic motivation and devotion
  • The integration of the teachings and spiritual values in one’s everyday life
  • One’s personal spiritual development, generally



The pillars

Our organization is organized internally by functional pillar. The pillars are:

  • Lamaseva – care of the Teachers
  • Dharmaseva – care of the Dharma
  • Karmachakra – event organization
  • Finance – accounting
  • Communication – website and social media updates, newsletters, graphic design


Additionally, in conjunction with the Foundation Landguet Ried, we regularly host volunteers from all over the world for a maximum of three months that come and work in the tasks of the seminar center (cleaning, kitchen help, gardening, etc…).


We are always looking for people eager to help ! – Please fill out the following form should you be interested in becoming a volunteer of the Ripa community.

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