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Medicine Buddha Puja

Medicine Buddha Puja

On the first Sunday of every month at 10:30 am in the Small Gompa.

The Medicine Buddha, or Buddha Menla, made great vows as a Boddhisattva to: help beings suffering from illnesses, misery, bondage, and want; as well as to: lead beings from ignorance to pure conduct and ultimate Enlightenment. It is by healing the body, and curing the spirit of the kleshas (or defilements) of ignorance, craving, aversion, pride and envy, that beings can progress on the Buddhist path and awaken to ultimate Enlightenment. Through invoking the lapis lazuli light and enlightened intent of the Medicine Buddha in this practice, our subtle light body, obscurations, and karmic imprints can be completely purified. It is said that Buddha Menla’s compassion for all beings is equal, and that simply invoking his name brings relief to those suffering in the lower realms. His aspiration was so vast, that he expressly allowed all beings, Buddhist or not, to engage in this practice, without the pre-requisite of Refuge or empowerment (wang – which gives the blessing and permission to engage in the practice). Those who wish to, may receive the empowerment at a later time. Thus, this practice is open to both old students and to newcomers.

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