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Ripa main texts on-line

To acquire certain texts, some requirements need to be matched. Please, find below the detailed information. All the texts listed are intended only for personal use and should not be shared with anyone who does not meet the requirements to practice them.

We kindly request your collaboration and respect to this rule.

Some texts are free and you can download them directly.

The other texts can be purchased from the shop.

Vajrayana Texts


The Vajrayana path implies certain rules to ensure a good progression in the practice. This rules include specific requisites to acquire some of the practice texts.


No requirements: anyone can have that text.

Refuge in the 3 Jewels: Only for those who are Buddhists. This means to have explicitly taken refuge in the Three Jewels with a Buddhist master.

Empowerment: To obtain the full benefit of the practices that require empowerment, one should receive the wang (empowerment), lung (ceremonial reading) and thri (instructions). At least, one must have received the EMPOWERMENT of that particular sadhana from a master of the lineage to be able to acquire it.

Oral transmission: called lung in Tibetan. This means to have received the ceremonial reading of that text from a master of the lineage.

Exception: Sangye Menla can be practised before having received the empowerment and the lung, but with the commitment to try to receive them as soon as possible.


As mentioned above, all these texts are only for personal use and cannot be shared with third persons. They are intended for the practice on computer, tablet etc. It is meant for one copy only.  Kindly respect and follow strictly these indications.

If you have questions about your qualification to practise a sadhana, please contact Lama Tenzin ( and in case you need a text that is not in the list, please contact the Dharmaseva Head of the Ripa International Center:

If you absolutely do not have the opportunity to purchase a printed text at Ripa International Center, you can print the PDF. It is printed on both sides, turn the page on the long side (calendar). The so-called “pesha format” of the Tibetan texts is: 9.3 cm x 29.7 cm. Try to cut the pages in this format, and that the square with the text has the same distance from the upper and the lower edge.

Again as a reminder, always treat Dharma texts with respect.

May theese texst bring you and all living beings, inspiration, benefit and realization.

Texts with no requirements

Guru Rinpoche practice for accumulation of mantra

Prayer to be recited at the bedsite of dying non-buddhists

Verses of the Eight Noble Auspicious Ones

Prayers before teachings

Special pandemic: Prayer to Dakini Logyonma

Special pandemic: Prayer to Guru Dragpo

Sky treasure mantra

Prayer to the Lamas of the Karma and Terma Transmission Lineages (Buddha Menla)

Marme Mönla Prayer (Narak Kon Shak p. 43)

Prayer before meal

Saga Dawa booklet

Samantabhadra Prayer (Kuntuzangpo)

Texts that need Refuge in the 3 Jewels

Lhasang text

Lhasang text p 1,2 , 27, 28

Mak-thruk Kunzhi, short solkha to Gesar (in times of war).
To insert in Lhasang after p.34, in Protectors after p.14

Prayer to the three kayas

Riwö Sangchö

Narak Kong Shak

Nyung Ne

Texts that need oral transmission

Chenrezig Sadhana (terma of His Eminence)

Gesar Drala Sadhana (daily monthly)

Green Tara (only in spanish)

Guru Yoga sadhana (long Guru Rinpoche sadhana, monthly practice in the RIC)

Hayagriva daily sadhana

Heart Essence of Guru Rinpoche, short sadhana (monthly practice)


Protectors (evening practice in the RIC)

Taksham Yeshe Tsogyal, short sadhana (monthly practice)

Texts that need EMPOWERMENT and oral transmission

Sangye Men-lha (Medicine Buddha) (monthly practice).

Drupchö Yeshe Tsogyal

Drupchö Yeshe Tsogyal
Siddhis (on line)

Drupchö Yeshe Tsogyal
Siddhis (paper)

Drupchö Gesar Enrichment

Drupchö Gesar Enrichment
Siddhis (on line)

Drupchö Gesar Enrichment
Siddhis (paper)

Tsalung (Only if you are admitted to the RIC winter retreat 2022)

Trulkhor Manual of the Ripa lineage

Special packages

Prayerpackage before and after Sadhana

Special package of common Ripa sadhanas

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