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“Swiftly Granting Accomplishment”

A Brief Torma Offering to the protectors and the Three Roots.  This group practice, performed daily in RIC and accross the  western Ripa sanghas, was composed by H.E. Terchen Namkha Drimed Rabjam Rinpoche, in the condensed form and complete meaning, according to the Protector practice of the Taksham tradition.

There are two kind of Protectors, Wisdom and Worldly.

As it’s said, Wisdom Protectors:

“Even they doesn’t move from joyful Dharmakaya, they appearing as wrathful, in order to protect the Dharma”.

So, the protectors such as Mahakala Lekdhen (excellent black), four arms mahakala, mahakala Maning, six arms mahakala, Ekatsati, they are in the stage of peaceful Dharmakaya, but appearing in the form of Dharmapala or protector of the teachings, in order to protect and support to Dharma and the practitioner.

Worldly protectors are Gods, Nagas and local guardians who are powerful, met Buddha Shakyamuni, Vajrapani, Padmasambhava and so on, received teaching from them, remain under their order and protect the Dharma.

The practitioner who keeps the samaya, request them for general and particular activities through offerings of food such as Torma, tea and alcoholic drink, called Serkyem, and praise so that they bestow their qualities. They ask them to pacify sickness, negative forces, obstacles and so on. 

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