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Ripa Center Moscow

Ripa Center Moscow

After three monasteries and a center in Switzerland this center is the fifth bearing (pillar) of the Ripa lineage. Many efforts were made, many obstacles left behind to achieve the goal to open the long anticipated Ripa Center in Moscow. Our Teachers repeatedly emphasized that if Sangha is united, it is as mighty as a rock and when you are united you are capable of achieving everything. There is no obstacle that can’t be overcome – opportunities become truly boundless.

The new Ripa Moscow Center will become a place of prosperity and spreading the Dharma for current and future generations. There are many more people who will now have an opportunity to benefit from the teachings and to find happiness through deeper connection.

The building has been offered to the Ripa teachers and will serve as the embodiment of their vision for the benefit of all living beings. This building is also home for the Ripa teachers and the Ripa Sangha regardless of their place of residence and language.

The main goal of the center is to serve – to serve by means of the practice of the Dharma, implementing the vision of the Teachers and conveying the depth of the practice and the power of blessings in the form that will be demanded. Wherever you are, you know, in Moscow there is a home of Ripa. Your home.

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