Ripa Organizations Worldwide

Ripa Organizations Worldwide

US-Ripa Ladrang

The Mission of the Ripa Ladrang Foundation as a non-profit organization is to promote, support and preserve Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism, following the footsteps of the Ripa Lineage and its teachers

Ripa France

Cultural and humanitarian association, its main vocation is to bring assistance and support populations in difficulty of Asia and more particularly of the Himalayas in the fields of health and education, to allow their development and to preserve, transmit and publicize their culture, art and philosophy.

Padma Ling Paris

Governed by the law of July 1901, “Padma Ling Paris” is a non-profit association run by volunteers and which lives thanks to the contributions of its members. It is one of the very first European associations created by Gyétrul Jigmé Rinpoche in the 1990s.

Padma Ling Spain

Padma Ling (The Lotus Garden) was founded by Gyetrul Jigme Rinpoche in 1997 to provide his students with a platform to access his teachings, as well as the continuous and progressive shaping of spiritual practice, retreats, courses, conferences, etc. in different European countries.

Padma Ling Germany

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