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“Dana” or the practice of generosity

Generosity is one the six perfections or Paramitas. It has a preeminent place in the Buddhist teachings since it helps train the mind in the art and virtue of letting go.

In order to further one’s spiritual practice it helpful and necessary to train the mind to abandon numerous obstructions. In Buddhism, the practice of generosity is believed to help train the mind in a way conducive to attaining enlightenment. Giving serves as a way to eliminate one’s greed and ill-will.

According to the Buddha, the ideal conditions of giving are to give a pure gift, with pure intentions to a pure recipient.

There are many ways to practice generosity and the karmic benefits derived from engaging in generous acts are said to be enormous.


Whichever way you feel inspired to share, be it your time, your financial resources, your skills or your love and affection, there will always be a space for it at the Ripa International Center…

How can I collaborate with the Ripa International Center?


If you have visited our Center and felt inspired by its atmosphere and activities, teachings and blessings, you can become part of its development by actively getting involved through a monthly contribution, however small it might be, so that Dharma activities may flourish in the heart of Europe for the benefit of all beings.

Your monthly contribution will go towards:

  • Providing online teachings free of charge to a large public
  • Development of the educational program “Ripa Kids” for children and youngsters
  • Support the project of the construction of a Stupa
  • International library of reference Dharma books

Your personal benefits:

  • Access to the member’s section
  • Free access to privileged resources, e.g. recordings of Online Teachings on the Sadhana Texts

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