Regular Activities

Regular Activities

april, 2024

Practice days 2024


Daily Practices

The Gesar Lhasang and Protectors practice are perfomed daily in our center…

Shine Meditation

SHINE, the meditation of calm abiding, also called Shamata, comes from the Buddhist tradition, but it is useful for everyone, regardless of faith or religion.

Monthly Pujas & Tsok

Every month we gather for the monthly pujas of the Ripa lineage at 19:30.

Medicine Buddha Puja with Lama Tenzin

Every first Sunday of the month after the Medicine Buddha Puja, Lama Tenzin Phuntsok, resident Lama of the Ripa Lineage in Europe, will give teachings on the Dharma to open and deepen the understanding of Buddhism.

Medicine Buddha Puja

The Medicine Buddha, or Buddha Menla, made great vows as a Boddhisattva to help beings suffering from illnesses, misery, bondage, and want, as well as to lead beings from ignorance to pure conduct and ultimate Enlightenment….

Weekly Yoga

It has been proven by studies that yoga has a positive effect on the well-being of every single person…

Garden Weekends

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